Austrian Grand Prix | Wins for Bari & Hinkelmann

One of the oldest events in the world with a club who have show us there sport and passion,the world of table football went to Vienna for a sport show and the Royal78 Flash Grand Prix and we had a very good show with super stadiums and a good collection of world class players and clubs ready to do battle

Saturday saw the Individual events Take Place

Winners In Austrian Grand Prix on Saturday were :

Winner Saverio Bari
Runner up Björn Kegenbein
Semi Finalists Thomas Karnthaler and Konstantinos Seses

Winner Erich Hinkelmann
Runner up Günther Bamberzky
Semi Finalists Lucio Canicchio and Daniel Scheen

Winner Adam Kraus
Runner up Jonathan Nichtenberger
Semi Finalists Daniel Vranovitz and Lukas Eppensteiner

Winner Lukas Eppensteiner
Runner up Marios Strommer
Semi Finalists Daniel Vranovitz and Adam Kraus

Winner Casper Heinrich

Winner Julia Eglicerio

TFC Mattersburg win team Grand Prix Beating ASD Master Sanremo

Semi Finalists were TFC Wiener Neustadt and TSC Royal 78 Kaisermühlen