Canberra Satellite trials Swiss format as Benny Ng claims top spot

Singapore’s Benny Ng (Western Flickers) claimed the first FISTF event staged in Canberra, the national capital of Australia, ahead of a strong field of 23 players.

Benny Ng (Western Flickers/SGP) presented with the trophy by Canberra organiser Nick Brill

The Swiss format competition was staged over five rounds, with some dramatic matches and equally dramatic final rankings.
Northern Falcon’s young duo of Oli Ollnow and Torben Pfister claimed second and third places, while Canberra TFC’s Nick Brill finished fourth.

Top ranked Fabrizio Coco (Sydney TFC) fell 3-1 to Benny, and with two 1-1 draws (against Northern Phoenix Paul Mercer and Brisbane’s Giuseppe Tardiota), he fell to 8th place in the final ranking.
There was much discussion both before and after the tournament as to the pluses and minuses of the Swiss format, and ATFA will present a final report to FISTF on their views on the tournament.