Aquilina wins FISTF Satelite Bormla SC

Bormla Subbuteo club organized the Bormla sc satellite with the colaboration of the Cospicua local council at the St George's band club .
Sunday open category took place after the group stages in the quarter finals Charlie aquilina of Bormla Subbuteo club won against team mate Tristan Fenech 5-2, Josef Camilleri Bormla sc lost to Jurgen Balzan Stembert sc 2-5, Mauro Camilleri Bormla sc was eliminated by team mate Hansel Mallia 2-5, and another 2 Cospicuan players which saw John Zammit edging George Ebejer 3-2.
In the semi finals Charlie Aquilina defeated Jurgen Balzan 2-0 and in the other semi final 2 Bormla sc players saw Hansel Mallia eliminates team mate John Zammit 3-1,the final saw a great game by Both Bormla sc players Charlie Aquilina gets the win by edging Hansel Mallia with the result ending 4-3 the semi finalists were Jurgen Balzan and John Zammit.
In the consolation Tournament Jamie Bonnici of Palermo ct defeated Mario Fleri Soler Attard sc 4-0 with the Semi finalist both from Attard sc Spencer Conti and Isaac S Camilleri next competition will be another Satelite on the 12/13 October 2019.