Did you know? – Edition 4. 1976

1976. The year England will not forget,because it is the only International victory up to date (2019) in an Europa Cup, European Championship or World Cup of an english sports table football (a.k.a. Subbuteo) player. Michael ‘Mike’ Dent original from Scotland, played for England in the 1970s. He beat his english National Team fellow Norman Gleave in the 13th ETF Europa Cup Final 2-0, in La Valetta, Malta. Mike now lives in Malaysia and is a University Professor. He also participated in the Asian Cup 2019, Veteran Category in Singapore, as he played for Malaysia and reached the Semi Finals. The ‘Swiss-System Tournament‘ was introduced by him to sports table football from the world of chess in 1976. The line of defence (7 figures or more) was introduced to the game by Mike in the early 1970s, when he moved from Scotland to England and joined the English Table Soccer Association (League Division 2). Prior to that date, Subbuteo playing rules mandated a ‘FIFA approved’ formation of the figures such as  4-2-4 or 3-5-2 or 4-4-2.  A fine gentleman and a great innovative Sports Man of our game in his era (1970s).