Clinton Gahwiler claims New Year event in South Africa

Clinton Gahwiler claimed bragging rights with a 2-0 win over Sven Rademan in the New Year event in Cape Town.

The table football scene in South Africa continues to grow, and it is hoped South Africa will become a member of FISTF and compete in  the World Cup in Rome in September.

In spite of a few regulars missing, the Cape Town lads had a great turn-out of 16 that enabled four groups of 4.

More impressively, there were 3 new returnees to the game, 5 kids playing, and a great bunch of guys who were introduced to the game by a grandparent, and have been playing together the past few months who joined for the first time.

Full results:


Sven Rademan
Craig Middleton
Aaron Baretto
Mike Ryder
David Clamp
Shaun Clamp
John Fishlock
Clinton Gahwiler
Fernando Nunes
Corvell Cranfield
Willie Lawrence
Jeremiah Sanya (jnr)
Matt Chadwick (jnr)
Michael Holscher (jnr)
Junior Muluh (jnr)
Jack Parsons (jnr)


Mike v Michael 5-0
Jack v Corvell 0-2
Mike v Jack 4-0
Michael v Corvell 0-2
Mike v Corvell 2-0
Michael v Jack 0-0


John v Matt 2-0
Aaron v Craig 0-1
Matt v Aaron 0-0
Craig v John 0-2
John v Aaron 2-0
Matt v Craig 0-1


David v Willie 0-0
Shaun v Junior 0-0
David v Junior 0-0
Willie v Shaun 0-0
David v Shaun 1-0
Willie v Junior 0-0

Group C penalty shoot-out: Junior v Willie 1-1 (2-1 pens)


Clinton v Fernando 2-0
Jeremiah v Sven 0-2
Clinton v Jeremiah 3-2
Fernando v Sven 0-2
Sven v Clinton 0-2
Fernando v Jeremaih 0-0


Clinton v Corvell 1-0
David v Craig 0-1
Sven v Mike 2-0
John v Junior 3-0


John v Sven 0-0 (0-3 pens)
Clinton v Craig 2-0


Clinton v Sven 2-0


Jeremiah v Michael (Jeremiah won by default
Shaun v Aaron 0-0 (3-2 pens)
Fernando v Jack 0-1
Matt v Willie 1-0
Matt v Jack 0-0 (0-1 pens)
Jeremiah v Shaun 0-1

PLATE 3rd / 4th PLACE

Matt v Jerry 1-0


Shaun v Jack 0-0 (1-0 pens)

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