FISTF Suspends World Tour and World Ranking

  • To all Member National Associations:
    In the past few months FISTF has refrained from making a unilateral decision to cancel FISTF Tournaments, instead depending on host clubs and Member National Associations to take decisions based on local conditions and advice from relevant health authorities.
    However, as there are now significant different national responses to COVID-19 in the form of lockdowns, advice on public gatherings and travel restrictions, the Board of FISTF has decided:
    1) To suspend officially the international circuit (FISTF Tour events) until at least August 31. During this period it is up to national associations to decide on their own local events, but no event will count to the FISTF Tour up to
    August 31. However, for the common good health of all players and organisers, we highly recommend following national recommendations regarding sport gatherings.
    2) The current FISTF season will be extended until December 31.
    3) The FISTF World Ranking is suspended indefinitely.

It is the intention of the FISTF Board to put to a vote by all Members concerning the future of the FISTF Season.
There are two options to be decided:
1. The season re-starts on January 1 and we then continue our season through to December 31, with the FISTF season moving to a year-based system; or
2. The season re-starts January 1 and ends August 31 for a shortened season, and we then continue as it currently is as per the handbook (September 1-August 31).