News from Chile – CSAFM 2021

Difficult situation in Chile

The situation in Chile is not easy and we are in full Covid-19 pandemic crisis and continue to have many infections and sadly to write, deaths. In Valparaíso we are officially in quarantine since 12 June 2020. I imagine it will take at least another 10-12 months before we can return to an almost normal life. Before the pandemic we had very serious problems of protests and demonstrations for the modification of the Chilenian Constitution. When the pandemic ends the demonstrations will resume and unfortunately this situation will further delay the recovery of the Chilean economy. I hope I’m wrong, but I think I’m not too pessimistic in my prediction.

As for Sports Table Football (Subbuteo) “situation” in Chile, everything is at a standstill. I keep in touch with some friends like Mauricio Carvajal who lives about 60 km from Valparaíso.


Left photo: First National Championship of Table Football in Valparaíso – 10/02/2018 Marco Antonio Galindo Pérez and Flavio Riccomagno
Right phoro: First National Championship of Table Football in Valparaíso – 10/02/2018 Gabriel and Ángel Triviño Cornish


Left photo: Friendly Tournament in a house of Andreas Torres Campbell in Curauma near Valparaíso.
Right photo: Training in the Gente Feliz Restaurant with Mauricio Carvajal Gonzales, Nicolás Manuguian Flores, Alexander Manuguian, Rodrigo López Campbell y Marco Antonio Galindo Pérez

Aleksei Rodrigues Faria who lives in Antofagasta is a Brazilian missionary who works at a school where he created a table football club (team) where they practice different styles of table football codes.

Marco Antonio Galindo Perez lives between Chile and Brazil and as early as 1967 he created a Table Football Federation in Valparaíso called AFUSA De Playa Ancha en Valparaíso, who practices and promotes any style (playing code) of Table Football.

Luis Rodrigo López Campbell who is trying to manufacture Sports Table Football (Subbuteo) material at a price accessible for a possible production in Chile.

Unfortunately, people interested in learning about table football are few and very difficult to meet. The material is very difficult to purchase and costs are high, compared to the average level of salaries in Chile. I personally started to produce a low cost, but excellent Pitch, called the  ’RiccoPitch’.  In my home I have 1x AstroPitch, 1x AstroTurf and 1x  ‚RiccoPitch’ fully equipped. From Italy I brought my (professional) Sports Table Football (Subbuteo) teams and a few other teams to introduce this magnificent game to friends, but unfortunately with very few positive results.

We need help, so that we are able to promote the game by making Sports Table Football material available for any demonstrations planned on appropriate occasions.

CSAFM Championship 2021. The South American Continental Championship  will be held in 2021 in Chile. Chile will prepare the event with all its organisational possibilites and challenge Brazil and Argentina on the green tables. The competition (event) will also include the codes of Sectorball and 12-touch, which are very popular in South America.




Left: The new CSAFM Logo

Report from Flavio Riccomagno, Valparaiso, Chile.

FISTF thanks Flavio for this report, as we are eager to read more news from South America.

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