FISTF calling National Members – UPDATE

To all Member National Association (MNA)        Link to: Calendar

The FISTF Congress is for Member National Associations, as these are members of FISTF. Single players shall contact there domestic National Association for any question or Board applications. Player license is not a membership number nor a confirmation. Your MNA will then contact FISTF for inquiries. Single players or clubs have no vote rights.

This is a general information concerning the Congress 2020 timeline and for applications & resolutions.

Congress 2020 Timeline  –  Dates confirmed
All dates: Start time: 00.00.01, all dates CEST
All dates: Deadline  : 23.59.59, all dates CEST

→ 15. October 2020 – Board position applications     – Deadline no. 2 –> Extension
→ 15. October 2020 – MNA Request for resolutions  – Deadline no. 2 –> Extension
→ 15. October 2020 – MNA Membership Form F01dDeadline no. 2 –> Extension IMPORTANT

→ 01. November 2020 – MNA Comments on Statutes 2020, Handbook 2020/21 & Tournament HB 2020/21 – Deadline

Congress 2020
Why in two parts?  The New FISTF Statutes have to be accepted by the Congress with votes first, officially implemented and then the new FISTF Board 2021-2024 can be elected and resolutions voted.

→ 21./22. Nov. 2020   Congress Opens Saterday . Attention: World Time to be announced to MNA Boards.
Opening according FISTF Statutes 2013, registered in France.
Congress will last approx. 2-4 hours or more, depends on how many MNA attend.
World time zones have different dates. Time will be given to talk.

Vote according to FISTF Statutes 2013
→ 23. Nov. 2020  Voting Opens for new FISTF Statutes 2020 Part 1   Start time
→ 27. Nov. 2020  Voting Ends    for new FISTF Statutes 2020 Part 1   Deadline

Elections & resolutions votes according to new FISTF Statutes 2020
→ 30. Nov. 2020  Voting Opens for elections & resolutions Part 2   Start time
→ 04. Dec. 2020  Voting Ends    for elections & resolutions Part 2   Deadline

Note: FISTF reserves the right for any updates or changements. Dates can be changed too, if delays occure, no matter what issue (see list above) of french authorites or legal subjects on the new proposed Statutes 2020.

FISTF General Secretary