Call for members of new Homologation Committee

In line with the decisions of the FISTF Congress 2020, we are seeking people who would like to work on the FISTF Homologation Committee.
If you have some technical expertise and experience in design, and an understanding of our sport and equipment needs, we’d like to hear from you.
Please contact your National Association to have your candidature put forward to the FISTF Board.

This group will not only work on the equipment regulations, but also on assisting event organisers and manufacturers in complying with the regulations.
For example, as an event organiser, how do I know what equipment is legal or not?
We need to have a proper approach to this for all manufacturers, organisers and players.

The scope of works will be:
> Re-examine the existing definitions of equipment to ensure clarity across all parts (figures, bases, goals, pitches, goalkeepers, balls).
> Provide a means for all Tournament Organisers, MNAs and players to access relevant information about homologated equipment.
> Work with equipment manufacturers to provide a proper means of identifying their products as being homologated.
> Work with the Marketing Director to define any fees, rights, obligations of manufacturers and FISTF in any arrangements.

Members of the group do not necessarily need to be registered players, but can be recommended by an MNA.

Applications should contain a brief outline of what expertise they feel they can bring to such a group.
Please liaise with your national association.

Please note that nomination to the committee is not a guarantee of automatic selection, which remains the responsibility of the FISTF Board.