France hails new Champions

The Fédération Française de Football de Table Sport – 3FTS recently hailed its new champions for 2021 with their national championships, hosted by Puylaurens.

In a dramatic Division 1, five players went into the last round of matches with a chance to be champion, but ultimately it was Thierry Vivron, from the Issy les Moulineaux club.


In Division 2, Skander Farza of Celtic Combourg CFT was victorious, while in Division 3, Eric Naszalyi (Issy les Moulineaux) took the honour.

Eric Naszalyi playing Skander Farza in the teams event

In the team event, Issy les Moulineaux came out on top,

Podium for teams: 1st Issy; 2nd Puylaurens; 3rd Saint-Symphorien-sur-coise