German GP Cancelled

It is with great sadness that we report that the Grand Prix of Germany – Ludwigsburg, has been cancelled.
Tournament organiser Panagiotis Krommydas reluctantly made the decision after the latest round of changes to access rules in Germany because of the global pandemic.
Originally just proof of full COVID vaccination, or recovery from COVID were enough to attend.
Pana said new resolutions were passed on December 2nd, and then Baden Württemberg adopted and tightened these on December 3rd, 2021.
It meant that testing would be mandatory each day of the tournament, which would put a huge strain on both the players and the organisers.
As a result, Pana informed us that more and more players had decided to withdraw from the event.
When further changes were announced on December 5, it was the final straw.
While no-one could doubt the infrastructure that Pana had planned to ensure safety of all participants at the event, the additional weight of obligations from the government proved too much.
“Unfortunately, with the cancellation of so many teams and players, I can no longer organize an economic tournament. The costs are far higher than the income.”