All the winners at the Acropolis Grand Prix 2021

The Grand Prix Acropolis 2021 was held on 4-5th of December with great success in the hall of the 1st Athletic Complex of Municipality of Ilioupolis.

A total of 86 participants competed, with 55 in Open, 22 in Vets, 5 in U12, 4 in Women, along with 19 Teams.

“Overall it was a fantastic tournament, fantastic numbers considering the pandemic global conditions,” said UHTF president Georgios Dimakeas.

The full list of winners and finals was:

U12: Maximos Di Maggio-Michail Chiotis=3-0

Maximos Di Maggio U12 Winner

Michail Chiotis U12 Finalist

Apollon Dimakeas U12 Semifinalist

Dimitris Bogdanidis U12 Semifinalist

Women: Eleftheria Papanikolaou-Eirini Patrikiou=5-0

Eleftheria Papanikolaou Ladies 1st Place

Eirini Patrikiou Ladies 2nd place

Dionysia Koulosousa Ladies 3rd place

Veterans: Konstantinos Kechris-Antonios Kastellanos=5-1

Konstantinos Kechris Veterans Winner

Antonis Kastellanos Veterans Finalist

Nikolaos Psomiadis Veterans Semifinalist

Periklis Dimopoulos Veterans Semifinalist

Open: Spyridon Patrinos-Konstantinos Seses=4-3

Spyridon Patrinos Open Winner

Konstantinos Seses Open Finalist

Nikos Charatsis Open Semifinalist

Dimitrios Dimopoulos semifinalist GRE Bologna Tigers

Open Final Spyridon Patrinos-Konstantinos Seses=4-3 Ref.Antonis Kastellanos

Teams : TSC Falcons Athens-Olympia CS=2-0

TSC Falcons Athens Teams Winners

Olympia CS Teams Finalists

Proteas Athens SC Teams Semifinalists

Bormla SC Teams Semifinalists

The organisers Roligans Ilioupolis TSC : Stavros MESONISANAKIS, Angelos FOUTRAKIS, Giorgos DIMAKEAS, Thanasis KARAMANIS, Thanasis KORDANTONOPOULOS, Giorgos PITIHOUTIS .

Full results of the GP:
Grand Prix Acropolis 2021 RESULTS