Six Lions booked for Rome as English World Cup qualifiers decided

Six lions booked for Rome. Of World Cup goals, they’re dreaming!

Six of the best pitched their game in the England World Cup Qualifiers at Stanway Rovers over the weekend, and triumphed. The winners of each category were guaranteed an England place in September, so every game was keenly contested.

Elliot Bellefontaine (The Glide, Slide, Chip & Dip Club) landed the OPEN on both days, but was pushed all the way in a thrilling 2-2 draw with Chris Thomas on Sunday.

Justin Finch (The Glide, Slide, Chip & Dip Club) and Rudi Peterschinigg (Wobbly Hobby Subbuteo Club) grabbed the Veterans places. Justin was always in control on Saturday. And Rudi showed up like a well handicapped ‘good thing’ primed for a sizeable gamble in the big one, come Sunday.

Finley Skinner will represent England in the UNDER 16 category, and Gage Badger in the UNDER 20 category.