New MNAp

The F.I.S.T.F. is happy to announce that the next FISTF World Cup 2022 – Rome, which will be held at Cinecittà World, will also be attended by South Africa and Ukraine.

This testifies how our sport is alive, and continues to grow around the world.

These new nations will participate as Member National Associations – Provisional.

As defined in the FISTF Statutes, the FISTF Board has the authority to grant provisional status.

Article 4.1 
(FR) Une Association est admise comme membre de la FISTF par le Comité Directeur après une période probatoire en tant que Membre Temporaire (MNAP). Seul le Comité Directeur est habilité à accorder une adhésion provisoire.

(EN) An Association is admitted as a Member of FISTF by the Board of Directors after a probationary period as a Provisional Member (MNAP). Only the Board of Directors shall have the authority to grant provisional membership.

FISTF’s objective is to expand and make our activities known around the world.

Special thanks to Thomas Ponté and Gary Downs, and his committee of Clifford Graaff, Jason Kennedy and Clinton Gahwiler, for the work they are doing in Ukraine and South Africa respectively.

All information is available here:

South Africa