All the winners from the Frameries International Open

Belgium’s William Van den Houte (SC Charleroi) claimed the Frameries international Open, beating SC Lion’s Eugies’s Maxime Rairoux in the final.

Beaten semifinalists were Christopher Sabetta (SC Charleroi) and Stelio Tsangouris (SC Lion’s Eugies).

With many Belgian players playing in the Italian or Maltese championship for teams, the open competition was difficult to predict, and it allowed some unexpected players to take honours.

U12: winner: Kostadinos Tsangouris, . R. up: Jean Demey. 1/2 fin. Maël Denne and Cian Moore (missing in the photo)

U16. Winner Noah Janssens R. Up: Louis Soret. 1/2: Charlotte Bouchez and Noah Denne

U20. Win. Jann Segers. R. Up: Fanch Coquillon. 1/2: Léa Despretz and Henri Grosdent

Vets. Winner Daniel Scheen. R. up: Pascal Scheen. 1/2: Jean-Michel Cuenca and Olivier Père

Team winner: JSC Rochefort