Results of AGM Resolution Voting

The FISTF Member Nations have voted to revert to a September to August Season, starting in September 2023 after the result of voting from the Annual General Meeting.
A 60 per cent vote in favour of changing from the calendar season (12-8) was followed by a 53 per cent vote (9-8) to implement the change during 2023.

A proposal to remove the compulsory requirement for Teams events at Grand Prix and Gold Gran Prix was also approved (14-6). Tournament organisers can of course include team events if they desire, but it is no longer a compulsory event. Additionally, the Swiss and Swiss Hybrid tournament systems will be allowed for all FISTF Tour events after a successful vote (14-4). It must be noted that these are just another option in tournament structure.

A proposal to allow combined teams (players from mixed clubs) failed to achieve the required 66.6pct majority (11-9) and was not approved.

Two other significant changes involved age categories.
Players competing in “Under categories” (U20, U16 and U12) now must be under that age for the entirety of the season after a 13-6 vote in favour.
This will be implemented for the new 2023-24 season.

As well, the age for Veterans has been increased to 50+plus, rather than 45+plus at present. The 50+plus option received 15 votes, while there were three votes to make it 55+plus, and 3 votes to remain as 45+plus.
Again, this will be implemented for the 2023-24 season.

All other resolutions will be implemented as soon as the shortened 2023 season starts.

A resolution was passed (13-3) that in Satellite events, only Open and Under 20, U16 and U12 categories can be contested. Veteran and Women events are removed. Wild cards are removed from all events at a Satellite.

New systems to allow for some randomness in tournament format will also be permitted. Full details are in the AGM Minutes. These new tournament formats will be outlined in detail in the FISTF Tournament Organisers Handbook and FISTF Official Handbook which will be released by January 1.

Proposed changes to the number of substitutes in a team match were rejected, though the composition of a team ‘squad’ was increased to 8. Only six can be named in a match, and only one substitute is allowed per match.

A proposal to remove Sudden death from extra time in team events was also rejected.

All voting nations unanimously approved the appointment of Chris Angelinas as FISTF Sports Director.

FISTF will implement more information in the FISTF Calendar on to allow Tournament Directors to detail how they propose to organise and run their events.