Final List of Transfers

As a service to all players, clubs and associations, we publish here a list of all transfers received by FISTF up to the end of the official transfer Period, January 31.
All national associations must also ensure that the correct, up-to-date club of each player appears in their online FormF20,
If you spot issues with this sheet, please contact your club and your national association immediately.

Please note, there is now the Extended Transfer Period, as defined in the FISTF Handbook:
Extended Transfer Period
    i) Players who  have  not  played  any  team  and  individual  tournaments  FISTF  can  transfer  in  the  first  four months  of  the year until  April  30 in an ‘Extended  Transfer  Period’. This  transfer  forms  must           be  received  by  00 hrs  (Paris  CET),  April  30.

    ii) The player transferring during ‘Extended Transfer  Period’ must  not  have used  the December  1st  –  January  31st  transfer window.
        For  a  transfer  in  the  Extended Transfer  Period,  FISTF will  require a  fee of  €50.00. The transfer  will  not  be considered valid until  the  fee is  received by  FISTF  Finance.