FISTF looking for people to assist with the Board

To paraphrase the American novellist Charles Warner: “Everybody complains about FISTF, but nobody does anything about it.”

Well, here is your chance.

FISTF is looking for TWO replacement board members and several other support personnel.

General Secretary.

We need someone who has a passion for keeping things organised.

The role is to act as a ‘controller’ of information flowing in and out of FISTF.

We have been working hard to reduce the ‘paperwork’ and ‘bureaucracy’ but we know we can go further, to make things simpler, easier to apply.

This person will distribute “the workload” to the members of the Board and be the chief conduit back to the Member Nations.

We need someone who has good English, with French a huge asset; is computer literate and has experience in operations. If you are passionate about keeping things organised, we want to hear from you.

Marketing Director

We need someone to work with the President, the Development Director, and Media Director to broaden the reach of knowledge about FISTF, about the game and how to get involved.

We also need to reach out to the global community to help support development of the game, through schools, community clubs and existing table football clubs. To do this we need to have a “fighting fund” to finance various projects.
Our sport needs further involvement to keep it active and developing.

Rules Committee

Our rules committee currently consists of two members: George Drazinakis and Patizio Lazzaretti, after several members stepped down at the time of the 2022 AGM. The Sports Director Chris Angelinas is a de facto member of the committee.

We are seeking applications for membership of the committee to bring experience and new ideas.

Disciplinary Council

The Disciplinary Council is currently short of one member.

At present it consists of Dr Frank Chetcuti (Chairman) and Francesco Mattiangelli. Our regulations require a third member.

We would prefer someone with a legal background.

Independent Aribtrators Committee

The FISTF Statutes require the appointment of an Independent Arbitrators Committee, consisting of three members.

The IAC will deal with all disputes arising between the Federation, the MNAs and the individual members.

The embers of the IAC do not necessarily have to be members of a FISTF MNA and can be appointed because of their experience in the field of arbitration.
A member of the IAC does not need to be a member of a national association, and in fact would be best suited to an independent person.

 Social Media team

We aim to improve our social media presence as well as communicating with mainstream media – press, broadcast, web, and radio – and are looking for people to assist with keeping a steady flow of information across the globe. Students with a background in media and communications would be ideal. English and French would be ideal, as well as being comfortable with social media, photography, video and audio editing.

Anyone interested in applying or being recommended, should send an email to

Further information will then be provided regarding detailed job descriptions, and the process of selection.

The FISTF Board will be the final decision makers in all positions.