Andrea Ciccarelli appointed FISTF Development Director

Italy’s Andrea Ciccarelli has been appointed FISTF Development Director, effective immediately.
In the wake of the FISTF AGM, the FISTF Board sought possible candidates and the opportunity wad discussed with Andrea.
Most recently he was involved with the Federazione Italiana Sportiva Calcio Tavolo (FISCT) as a member of the referee commission in 2018 and then Head of Communication from December 2020 to January 2023, being heavily involved in the 2022 FISTF World Cup Local Organising Committee.

“I have played all my life with ASD TS Napoli Fighters. I started with the Youth Team and we won 6 Italian Cup and 3 Italian Championship. After that, I have played in Serie A, B and C with my club. We also won 1 Italian Cup and 1 Italy Super Cup. We took part at 3 Champions League, playing one final,” Andrea said.
Professionally he works as an aerospace engineer, currently living and working in Toulouse, France.
Andrea will start work to create a plan to assist our MNAs, MNA-P and development areas.
Andrea’s appointment is in alignment with the FISTF Statutes 12.12 and will be valid until the next FISTF Congress.
Andrea said his adventure in the table football world started at the end of 2007.
“That was when my class mates Luca Battista and Antonio Peluso told me about the Subbuteo World Cup that they had played in France. I knew this game because my father bought me a basic box to play with my brother, but I had no idea there was a federation and international competitions.
“So, my brother and I started playing with them every Monday in the oratory of the district Church, where we got in touch with all the others club members of the Napoli Fighters, which helped us to improve our way to play making matches and training.”
He said in February 2008 he and his brother played their first official competition.
“It was an amazing feeling to see many people of different ages with the same passion in the same place. After that, I started participating in many national and international competition. In 2009, in Rotterdam, I played my first World Cup with Italy Under 12. I took part at 7 world cups as player in under 12, under 15 and under 19, winning the title with Italy 7 times, then 1 Europe cup won as under 12 coach. Additionally, I participated to the last World Cup in Rome as part of the organization with FISCT board.”
“As a player, I also have won individually 1 Major under 12, 1 Italian Championship under 19 and 1 Italian Cup under 19. Unfortunately, in the individual world cup I just reached the semifinal 2 times.”
The FISTF Board looks forward to working with Andrea.