Yokohama International Open – Disciplinary Decision

A claim was made to the FISTF Disciplinary Council by player Andrew Martini (JPN0153) per Article 20 of the FISTF Disciplinary Regulations, regarding an alleged breach of the disciplinary regulations by player Stéphane Lambert (BEL0050), during the Yokohama International Open specifically: > Poor behaviour, aggression, failing to follow the rules (persistent breaches of Rule 2.4.3 (c) Rights of FISTF Referee:
(i) During any match, the referee’s decision is final and cannot be changed, except in cases where the referee may interrupt the match and ask the Head Referee for advice about rules.
(ii) Players are prohibited from asking the Head Referee for intervention. Only the match referee can ask for Head Referee intervention.
(iii) The following behaviour by players is strictly forbidden:
(A) Making game calls or refereeing actions themselves (e.g., “back”, “foul”, figure repositioning etc.)
(B) Changing referee decisions
(C) Criticising or influencing the referee’s decisions
(D) The use of insulting or harmful comments towards the match referee
(E) Threatening or attempting to use force against the referee
(F) Stealing or damaging the match referee’s equipment.
> Insults, abuse, or verbal threats (Article 4.1)

The FISTF Disciplinary Council acknowledges that player Lambert sent a general email to all NOSK players apologising for his behaviour after the event, as well as a submission to the DC along similar lines.
Nonetheless, the FISTF DC takes such behaviour seriously. The FISTF DC has decided that player Lambert be penalised with the deduction of 90 World Ranking points effective immediately, being the points gained for winning the Yokohama IO.
The referee named in the complaint, Takafumi Tokita (JPN0044) is also given a formal warning to be conscious of the Rules and Regulations and responsibilities of referees.

The FISTF DC also recommends to the FISTF Sports Director Chris Angelinas be contacted to ensure Head Referees are appointed for all events well in advance. It is also recommended to the FISTF Rules Committee that an online rules questionnaire and a programme of referee tests be commenced.

As per Article 24.1 of the Disciplinary regulations, the plaintiff, the defendant, or both may, within thirty (30) calendar days of the publication of the Judgement on the FISTF official website, appeal from a Judgement and/or sentence by writing to the Chairperson.

Dr Frank Chetcuti Dimech
FISTF Disciplinary Council Chairman