Applications called for members of new FISTF Rules and Referees Committee

The following was sent to all Member Nations by FISTF.

The FISTF Board of Directors and Operational staff have decided unanimously to revamp the FISTF rules process.
It was agreed that the current process was no longer fit for purpose.
In its place FISTF has created a new Rules and Referees Committee (RR Committee).
The RR Committee will be created under the authority of FISTF.
It will become an autonomous committee, in the same way as the Disciplinary Council, Equipment Committee and Operational Secretary are able to make and implement their own decisions, under the authority of FISTF.
The Scope of the Committee will be:

  • > To protect the core values, especially the simplicity of playing the game.
    > Clear decision-making process and implementation by the RR Committee
    > To benefit the game at all levels, whether small, local clubs, national competitions or elite international events.
    > The development of a thorough training process to assist all players in understanding and learning the rules
    > Development of a proper Referees Guide and an associated Referees course and certification.
    > Develop and maintain the Rules of the Game document, as well as a simplified rules document for beginners.

FISTF is now calling on the Member Nations to nominate members for the RR Committee.
There will be four positions in total available for nomination by the MNAs.
Each member nation can submit as many nominations as it likes.
If there are more than 4 nominations from across all the member nations, then an internet vote of the Members will be held to determine the 4 to be named on the RR Committee.
Of these 4, an MNA can only have a maximum of one elected representative . So, one nation cannot dominate.

There will be 7 members in the RR Committee.
For its part, FISTF will nominate 3 members for the Committee, including Patrizio Lazzaretti (RR Committee Chairman) and Chris Angelinas (FISTF Sports Director).
FISTF will nominate one more for the RR Committee.
The FISTF nominees will not be constrained by MNA — so the MNAs could elect an Italian and a Greek, and Patrizio and Chris are still valid.
The RR Committee will decide its internal votes by a simple majority.

In the interests of dealing with any changes to the rules in an efficient and transparent manner, the RR Committee will follow the following process:
> FISTF provides the authority to the RR Committee.
> The RR Committee is the owner of the Rules of the Game document and will create a separate Referees Guide.
> The Chairman of the Committee is the executor, under the authority of the Committee and the FISTF Board.
> The RR Committee can accept and call for contributions/suggestions. But the Committee owns the process and has the authority to reject or accept these suggestions.
> The Committee can also ask for clubs or small tournaments to ‘play test’ potential new rules and request analysis of these changes before they are implemented generally.
> Changes/amendments to the rules of the game are then implemented. In the case of major changes, they will be in force at the start of the next season.
> The RR Committee will also work on an on-line rules test so that players can start seeing how well (or not) they know the rules. Then they will develop a proper referee’s test and referee certificates.

All candidates for the RR Committee must abide by the policies of FISTF in relation to its board and committees:
> Committee solidarity (decisions taken in proper form by the whole committee is a decision of all members).
> Internal discussions, correspondence, and reports must remain confidential, until released by the Chairman of the Committee. Internal discussions must not be aired in a public forum.
Candidates must agree to these policies before being accepted as members of the committee.

If you are interested in submitting an application to be on the committee, you should must apply through your national association.