Equipment Conforming Process

FISTF has produced a new document covering equipment standards.
This document replaces the old FISTF Homologation Handbook 2016 and aims to set out more clearly the existing equipment standards.
An addendum ‘Summary of Changes’ has also been added.

The intent of this handbook is to ensure that technological advances in the design and manufacture of table football equipment remain in the best interests of table football.
It is FISTF’s mission to encourage innovation while simultaneously safeguarding the identity and traditions of table football.
In order for table football to provide a level playing field for all, it is FISTF’s duty to ensure key pieces of equipment conform to a unified standard.

As well as the document, a series of online application forms are now available.

All equipment produced before October 2021 and ‘homologated’ has been included in the lists of ‘Conformed’ material.

However, all new equipment produced by any manufacturer since that date is required to go through the ‘Conforming’ process.

Links to all application forms as well as Lists of all Conformed material are available at:
All Equipment Processes

Please note.
Every effort has been made to include all old ‘ homologated’  equipment in the lists.
However, some pieces and details are still being sought.
Any equipment manufacturer who would like to update OLD equipment lists (either to include them, mark them as ‘out of production‘ or provide details of measurements, should contact FISTF by email at: equipment@

Any new equipment must be submitted using the forms.