Christopher Sabetta and Joffray Laurent, from the Eugies club conquerors of the double Satellite of Huy in Belgium

It’s with great enthusiasm that the Huy club, with Ralf Grégoire at its head, organized a double satellite last weekend.
A limit of 24 players maximum had been set and it was simply 24 players who registered on Saturday ! Sunday was not to be outdone since 22 participants were on the list at the start of the day.

Note the presence of players from two countries different from the host country. Rene Bolte (NED/MVV Rijmond) and Ronald Scheffer (NED/US Huy) for the Netherlands.

Edin Mulasmajic, Fred Elesbao and Luc Kaouane, all three from SG ’94 Hannover was there as well. These courageous players from the third largest city in northern Germany traveled five hours by road to take part in this enjoyable event.

At the end of the first day, Christopher Sabetta (BEL/SC Lion’s Eugies), who made enormous progress during the last season with ST Stembert, won by the smallest score (2-1) against his now teammate and still very consistent Joffray Laurent (BEL/SC Lion’s Eugies).

In the semi-final, Joffray Laurent defeated one of the Belgian hopefuls who has great potential and is already technically very formidable. This one comes from the Wamme training club and his name is Noah Janssens. This young boy was the only one to have kept the winner of the day in check. With certainty, we will hear about him again in the more or less near future! Christopher Sabetta, for his part, took stock of his former teammate, Ludovic Ponthieux, recently transferred to the San Remo club in Italy.

A friendly team match of three was even organized between the local club and the Hannover club. The victory of the men in the pink jersey is anecdotal when we take into account the good atmosphere which reigned throughout the day.

Sunday heralded the arrival of snow but did not cool down the participants, who also came to spend a beautiful day.

This time, the finalist from the day before, Joffray Laurent (BEL/SC Lion’s Eugies), after once again eliminating Noah Janssens (BEL/Wamme SC) at the semi-final stage, will have managed to gain the upper hand in the final, and this time, against the organizer himself Ralf Grégoire (BEL/US Huy), who, for his part, will have produced the perfect match against the always surprising Rene Bolte (NED/MVV Rijmond) who loses this match for a lack of knowledge of a rule of the game.

This Satellite is an example to follow as it was organized with rigor and Fair-Play !

As a reminder, clubs simply need to send the organization request to their federation and the latter must send the application back to the FISTF for acceptance at most one month before the event.
Three Satellites per country are authorized for this season.
All the details concerning the organization of the Satellites can be found in point 2.8.4 of the FISTF Handbook, downloadable here: