Rules and Referees Committee finalised.

As we welcome in the new year, FISTF is updating a range of information for our member nations, clubs, and players.

The most important is the finalisation of the new Rules and Referees Committee (RRC) as an autonomous committee under FISTF.

This Committee will have full authority to propose and make changes to the rules of our game.

Previously the Rules Committee made proposals and then passed responsibility to the nations to approve them or not. Often after a huge amount of internal discussion and debate came to nought when voting was made.

Now, the new RRC will have the authority of FISTF and the member nations (MNAs) to make the changes. In this we are following the operational methodology of football’s International Football Association Board (IFAB) which is the guardian of football’s laws.

The following members of the RRC were nominated by the MNAs:
Sébastien Scheen (BEL)
Adrian Elmer (AUS)
Heinz Eder (AUT)
Thomas Ponté (UKR)

The following were nominated by FISTF:
Patrizio Lazzaretti (ITA) – Chair
Chris Angelinas (GRE) – FISTF Sports Director
Alberto Gomez (ESP)

Patrizio is entrusted as Chair of the RRC and is keen to get the operation running.

He made a statement for

“Dear members, it is with great honour that I stand before you as the chairman of the RRC.
Our mission, outlined in the vision of the Rules and Referee Committee, is to uphold the fundamental values of the game, ensure a transparent decision-making process, and contribute to the enhancement of table football at all levels.
We aspire to develop comprehensive training processes, refine referee guidelines, and maintain a continuously evolving document on the Rules of the Game.
The establishment of the RRC represents a strategic move aimed at improving, where possible, the game regulations and maintaining the highest possible level of competition, providing players with a top-tier gaming experience.
I am excited about the journey ahead and anticipate significant contributions to the global table football community.
Together, we work diligently to pursue excellence and foster the continual growth of our beloved sport.”

FISTF President Steve Dettre added that he was delighted to see a great mix of nations and backgrounds on the RRC.
“One of my own pet projects, supported by Patrizio, is the development of players’ understanding of the rules. There is no point have a set of rules if people do not know what they are, and how to put them into practice.
“The FISTF Board is excited about this new phase of our game.”

Profiles of the Rules and Referees Committee members:

Patrizio Lazzaretti (ITA) 
A molecular biologist, athletic trainer, mental coach and SS LAZIO TFC athlete. Currently Senior IT Project Manager, Procter & Gamble.
Passionate about organizational capacity building, business transformation and change management. PMP, MSP, ITIL4, PSMI, and DevOps Foundation cert.
Professor at UNISA (University of Salerno).
Previously member of the FISTF Rules Committee.

Alberto Gomez (ESP)
Alberto is a professional in audio-visual communication and administration studies. During his career he has held different positions in audio-visual production.
He has been a camera operator in cinema during the celluloid era, worked as an editor and motion graphics operator for many years on tv shows, and now currently works in the operations area of the film exhibition, directing business units and leading teams in achieving business objectives and KPIs.
As for his passions, cycling has occupied an important position in his life.
Subbuteo came into his life 10 years ago at the 2013 World Cup in Spain and this passion has accompanied him to this day.

Chris Angelinas (GRE)
Chris is a navy marine engineer, currently Director in Aquaculture unit, manager of packing, storage, and logistics department.
He has been a table football player since 1982, serving the Greek association in multiple positions such as president and secretary, statistician and archivist, historian, and author. He has been highly decorated in various events, and currently is FISTF Sports Director, and player of AS Hennuyer for 18 seasons.

Sébastien Scheen (BEL)

A shopkeeper by trade, Sébastien is one of the founding members of the Subbuteo Club Stembert (1996) having held all positions (President, treasurer, sports director, secretary, qualified correspondent). He is the organiser of a multitude of Belgian and international competitions such as Belgian championships, national tournaments, international Opens, Grand Prix, Major. Vice-president of the FBFTS (Belgian Federation).
Currently in charge of FISTF as Operational support.
Started playing table football at the age of 11, in 1988, progressing to become one of the best Belgians in the age categories, notably winning the Belgian Cup in the U15 category. Was world team champion in Silkeborg in Denmark in U19.
Some of his  individual performances as a player are, a final at the Bologna Major, a 1/2 final at the Mons Major, a victory at the Paris GP, a victory at the Guerin in Reggio Emilia and a place as world number one. He is also in the FISTF ranking top 10 for around 7 consecutive years.

Thomas Ponté (UKR)
Although he is French, he lived and worked in Ukraine, but in March 2022 had to flee because of the Russian invasion. He started to grow a group of players in Ukraine but because of currently situation in the country table football is unhappily inactive.
His profession is as a French teacher as a foreigner language.
He now lives in Issy-les-Moulineaux , a city known in our world because of its table football team which he has  played with for 27 years.
He says his goal in the committee is to assist with the French translation of rules and also to follow the evolution of our game.

 Adrian Elmer (AUS)
Adrian is a visual artist, graphic designer, musician and producer, music review writer, music label owner, O45s football player, Subbuteo tragic, founder of Western Sydney Subbuteo, Australian Table Football Association Committee member and, in his spare hours, a full-time high school Visual Arts and Photographic & Digital Media teacher.
His passion in this area is to have the rules of table football written in a way that is clear and concise, and function equally as well for the grass roots beginner as they do for the elite player.  While they can, and should, always evolve, he believes the FISTF laws of the game, in general, are quite good as they stand.
His focus will be not so much on altering the laws themselves but on how those laws are best communicated.

Heinz Eder (AUT)

Current president of Austrian table football association, former Sports Director of FISTF, and organiser of the FISTF Grand Prix of Austria.
A professional developer in Business Intelligence, Heinz has been playing table football since 1989, first with TFC Red Star until 1997 and since then with TSC Royal 78 Kaisermühlen to the present.

As the rrc begins its work, it will also reach out to players to make suggestions, to play-test proposals with detailed follow ups, and work on a combination of social media posts and videos to explain and highlight rules.

With kindest regards, FISTF Board