Koi claims Japan Spring Satellite

Kenzo Koi (Yokohama OSC/JPN) claimed the Japan Spring Satellite with a hard fought win over Andrew Martini (Free Agent/JPN).
After meeting in the group phase, where Koi won 1-0, they again faced off in the final, where the score was locked 3-3 after extra time. Koi then took the title on shots 4-3.
Taichi Kato (Yokohama/JPN) and Suguru Fujino (Tokyo/JPN) were the losing semi finalists, both by 1-0, though Fujino pushed Koi to extra time before he succumbed.
Tomoki Ono (OS Academy/JPN) claimed the plate event, beating Hideki Yoshida (Abelida TFC/JPN) 2-1 on shots after a scoreless match.