Haas claims Singapore Grand Prix

Wolfgang Haas (Elstow Lions/AUT) claimed victory over Singapore’s top player Rudy Hesty (Jurong Central/SGP) 3-0 to take the Singapore Grand Prix.

The event saw the cream of Singapore’s table football community, with Haas beating Den Mulia (SG Lions/SGP) 2-0 in the semi final, and Hesty beating Michael Choong (Dragons HKG/SGP) 1-0 in the other semi.

Lim Ding Heng (Juron Central/SGP) won the Under 20 category while Nagulan Arivazhagan (KB Doves/SGP) secured runner-up position.

Jurong Central Subbuteo Club (JCSC) Team A emerged team champions with JCSC Team B coming in second.

John Edwards, Kebun Baru Community Sports Network, Chairman and Convenor of KB Doves Table Football Club, also  wanted a word of thanks to the organisers which include TFAS President Anas Rahmat and all EXCO members and everyone else present who in one way or another helped to make this event and a resounding success.
“Also to Kai Yi, Kebun Baru Community Manager and the Kebun Baru CC staff who helped with all the logistics and the Audio Visuals,” he said.
“They were very patient with our requests. Heartfelt thanks also to Kebun Baru CSN Chairman Leong Fook Seng and the CSN Team for all their support, patience and understanding.”