Mallorca added as 5th FISTF Major for the 2024-2025 Tour

The FISTF Board is pleased to advise that Asociación Española de Fútbol de Mesa (AEFM) application to host a Major Grand Prix in Mallorca has been accepted by the FISTF Board.

The FISTF Board received two bids, one from Spain and one from Italy (Rome), both of which were of a very high quality, leaving the Board with a difficult decision.

On balance, however, the Board favoured the Mallorca bid in part because of its desire to spread the most prestigious tournaments of the regular FISTF season over as many FISTF Member Nations as possible.

We are very confident that the Major of Mallorca will be a great event and showcase for our sport, and we look forward to working with you as required over the coming months.