World Cup Information

In a few months we are looking forward to welcoming the table football world to Tunbridge Wells for the Eland Cables FISTF World Cup, with the tournament held from September 21 to 22, and the official welcome function and draw on the 20th.
This is shaping as one of the best World Cups, with tremendous interest from among the FISTF Member nations, who are keen to make a pilgrimage to the home of Subbuteo.
The English Subbuteo Association has invested significant time and resources into the organising of the event, which is part of a broader four day festival celebrating the history of our game.
That involves events acknowledging Subbuteo as the foundation of modern table football, with three tournaments held on the sidelines of the FISTF event.
In 2022 the Federazione Italiana Sportiva Calcio Tavolo (FISCT) organised a tournament – “The Waddington Cup – Traditional Subbuteo” – using their own version of Traditional rules 2.2. The entry process was managed by FISTF.

This year, the event bears the title ‘2024 Subbuteo World Cup Individual Event’, and is being managed totally by the ESA, who are using the 1974 Advanced Rules and imposing an entry fee.
Subbuteo event registrations
Entry must be done directly with the ESA.
It is planned to have eight tables in action, each with different Subbuteo playing surfaces and plastic goals from different periods of Subbuteo’s history. A smaller event using original ‘flats’ figures is also planned to showcase the history.

The focus for these is for fun events to showcase the game and the community that has grown through Subbuteo and table football.
This is part of ESA’s promotional activities in cooperation with the Tunbridge Wells council, to celebrate the creation of Subbuteo by local resident Peter Adolph approximately 76 years ago. 
Tunbridge Wells Royal Victoria Place shopping centre will play host to the Subbuteo event, plus some ‘have a go’ activities.  
The aim is to create a lasting legacy for the English Subbuteo Association.
FISTF commends the initiative of the ESA.
While our focus will be on the Eland Cables FISTF World Cup at Tunbridge Wells Sport Centre, we look forward to an entertaining period across the whole period.