A New Association


You need an association name for your country :  __ABC__Sports Table Football  (___STF)
Domestic Club Registration Nr.:  __ ? __
Foundation date: Day, Month __?__ and Year
FISTF Member National Association (MNA)  membership is to be applied. 
Website :  Present your Association on a proper domain Webpage

Website :  Follow on Social media, FB,  Tw,  Blog, but be certain it works with updates !

Board position Name E-Mail Spoken 
President – Chairman / necessary      local languages
Secretary International / necessary      one or more
Treasurer, Finance  / necessary      , 
Director Sports / optional      
Organisation Director / optional      
Secretary National / optional      
Association Board of Directors      

FISTF competition (events) Calendar : FISTF calendar


What is needed?


How are the structures?


Development. Education.

According to the domestic laws, you need to create the statutes of the club (association) which are the constitution and guarantee a democratic association.
  The Board of Directors lead and organise the domestic association, create a budget for national championships and Knock-out Cup competitions and other national tournaments   Sports table football needs to be made known, developed and educated in your country. Media presence is necessary.
A Board of Directors (see above) must be elected to lead the association properly according to the statutes. Respect your domestics laws for club (association) registration. 
  The national teams for all categories are nominated by qualification of the national champions, cup winner and by a “team manager”.   Sponsor partners need to be motivated to support national championships and YOUTH work. Youth are the main basement of an association. Concentrate on youth departments and events.
The FISTF Statutes, Handbook, Tournament organisation guide and the sports playing rules are to be accepted to guarantee best competition values for all participants.
  Leagues are to be created. Possible with promotion and relegation systems, or per yearly weekend championships or with a tournament structure consisting of 3-10 events a year.   Depending on the size of a country, budgets for travel issues are to be considered. Several big countries have time zones and therefore regional development needs to be implemented. That will lead to a yearly domestic/national) championship system.

The FISTF forms F01b, F10 and F20 to be fillid in properly. dated, stamped, signed and transmitted to FISTF.

Form F01b – Membership National Association (MNA)

Form F10 –  Club registration

Form F20 – List of Licensed Players & Clubs



The application for a membership will not be granted automatically and will start with a Membership National Association Provisional (MNAP) status. This will stay as long as the development will move on in your domestic country. A developing association has not got the right to vote on resolutions and important issues within FISTF. Sports Table Football (STF) knowledge and experience is necessary. Full member ship statues will only be granted from the FISTF Congress.   A domestic association will only function properly if the administration of its members and clubs is well structured. FISTF will only grant licensed players and clubs to participate in FISTF world ranking events (tournament Major, Grand Prix, Inter. Open and Satellite). Offer your members a well functioning association and service!

Please read and study.


Have fun with playing.


Invite friends.

Learn the sports playing rules to be competitive.
  Enjoy the play and fun of sports table football   Have fun within tournaments.