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Administration / Organization
FISTF Official Statutes_2013_Version_Authorities registered

FISTF Official Status 2013 Version

French Authorities registered:  received on the  2020-09-25 vis Roger Trouillard.

2013 26-09-2020 Download 43 downloads

Detailed job descriptions of the FISTF Board of Directors.

1.0 09-09-2020 Download 37 downloads

The FISTF Pyramid explains the organization from the FISTF Board of Director to the single player.

v03a 19-10-2019 Download 127 downloads
Internet Voting Regulation
Regulation for the Poll system on FISTF WebSite dedicated to Board & MNA delegates. 1.0 11-10-2019 Download 137 downloads
Official Handbook of FISTF

Official Handbook of FISTF 13-09-2019

1.3 13-09-2019 Download 597 downloads
FISTF Handbook 2012_13 Disciplinary Regulations Official v10

FISTF Handbook for  Disciplinary Regulations Official 2012_13

1.0 31-08-2012 Download 117 downloads