Disciplinary Council

Disciplinary Council    §

§.  In case you have a Disciplinary Regulation or protest issue, then you have the possibilty to contact the Disciplinary Council and hand in your written protest.

Please be certain that you specify all needed data, prooving images (pictures),  witness hearing words (they shall testify in written), video proove, referees written protocol (his point of view). Head referee testimonials (written).  This may concern from:  Yellow/Red card issues. Threats of opponents. Bad language (swearing) and other occurances (complaints).

Describe your complaint well in the FISTF FORM 61.   download here in forms

Deputy of Disciplinary Council

Mr. Francesco Mattiangelli

 Italy E-MAIL

Deputy of Disciplinary Council, co-opted

Mr. Dr Frank Chetcuti Dimech

Malta Malta  E-MAIL

Head  of  Disciplinary Council

Mr. Antonio Miguel Montaño

 Spain  E-MAIL

Deputy of Disciplinary Council

Mr. Luis Felipe Mendez Banderas

 Spain E-MAIL

Ex-officio non-voting member of Disciplinary Council

Mr. Stephen Dettre

Australia Australia, President FISTF, EMAIL