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  1. Travelling to Gibraltar.

    Flying directly to Gibraltar Airport.
    1. Gibraltar has its own airport situated at Winston Churchill Avenue. Flight arrivals and departures are around midday, mid-afternoons and early evenings. Unfortunately the only destination is to the UK. This means that in order to fly into Gibraltar you will require transit at either Gatwick or Heathrow. This could increase costs per flight and also add to the travelling time and if it requires an overstay, even more. The advantage of travelling to Gibraltar directly is that once you arrive here, you have the border to Spain within 1 minute walking and there would not be a need to rent a car for local displacements. Everything is close by and taxis are readily available 24/7.

    Flying to Malaga.
    2. Malaga airport is situated approximately 120 kms from Gibraltar and is in the Spanish mainland. There are many connecting flights and many destinations available making this airport a worthy consideration especially if you have a tight budget. Travelling down to Gibraltar will require either renting a car or coach if you come in numbers or by local bus. If you opt for a rent, the travelling time is about 1hr 15mins if you take the Toll motorway. Toll at this time of the year will be about 15 euros per vehicle each way. You can also use the public motorway at no cost and easy to follow however this will take slightly longer and traffic is considerable in September. If you opt for the bus you will require to have departure times etc. This will not be so comfortable. You must also bear in mind that if the hotel booked is in Gibraltar you will be required to drive into Gibraltar through the land frontier. You may do so with a passport or, if you have Spanish Nationality, with an ID card. Please consider arriving to the frontier early as you may find yourself in some queue to enter Gibraltar. One important advice, there are con artists operating in the queue at the Spanish side who may request payment to enter Gibraltar. Do NOT give them anything, there is no payment required to enter Gibraltar.

    3. Despite approaching many local hotels in order to obtain discount for players we have been unsuccessful in achieving any sort of pay relief. The reality is that many hotels are of a high standard and will be very busy, if not full during this time of year. Gibraltar is very dependant of tourism and attracts large numbers throughout the calendar year. The first week of September falls within the initiation of the National festivities hence every hotel will be almost full. I am attaching details of the following local hotels –

    The Rock Hotel –
    15 mins walking to venue.
    The Bristol Hotel –
    Centre of town 7 mins walking to venue
    The Cannon Hotel –
    In centre of town – 7 mins walking from venue
    The Sunborn Hotel –
    Situated 1min walking from venue and located at a leisure area – Ocean Village.
    The O’Callaghan Hotel-
    Centre of town – 7mins walking to venue

    The Holiday Inn Express
    3mins from venue – should be opening very soon

    Hotels in La Linea – neighbours in Spain.
    3mins from venue but you will require to enter Gibraltar land frontier

    4. In Gibraltar our main currency is the pound however many establishments take euros and other currencies. For those of you staying in La Linea, Spain, the euros.

    5.Average temperature in Gibraltar for September is 28 degrees. Humidity 90%.

    6. There is only one hospital in Gibraltar – St Bernards Hospital and this is located in Europort adjacent to the Morrison’s Supermarket.

    7. There is a substation at Casemates Square, 2 mins from venue – Tel No 00350 200 72500.

    Touristic sites – Information
    8. Please access the following –

    The Venue-
    9. The same as for the World Cup, The Tercentenary Sports Hall in Bayside Road.

    10. Other-
    There is a lot to do in Gibraltar. You have Dolphin safari’s available outside the venue. You have the Upper rock to visit either on taxi, by foot or the cable car. There are two leisure areas – Casemates Square – 2 mins from venue or Ocean Village – by venue.
    Gibraltar is very safe with very minor crime. Most of this is intoxication (drink) related.
    On behalf of the Gibraltar Table Soccer Association we welcome you to Gibraltar and wish you safe travels and stay.

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