Training Centres

The conditions

1_ A permanent training room facility. The home of the club. Non-Smoking area.
2_ Weekly club trainings and fixed time and date. (Minimum requirement 3x a month)
3_ Competent trainers to teach children the sports playing rules and correct play.
4_ A club webpage to present the sport and inform accordingly. A link to webpage.
5_Organising internal club league championship and cups. Building traditions.
6_Participating in National Championship and knock-out Cup.
7_ Respecting the Code of Conduct. Fair play.
8_ Are a registered non-profit club in the domestic country. That warrants stability and sustainability.
9_ Having club statutes / constitution.
10_ A club Board of Directors consisting of minimum of President, Secretary and Treasurer.

Article 24 in the Handbook 2020/21 -  coming soon

(i)    Certification Level 4     10     *Conditions fullfilled
(ii)   Certification Level 3       8 or 9
(iii)  Certification Level 2       6 or 7
(iv)  Certification Level 1       5     *Conditions fullfilled

If your club can not fulfil certain conditions in the FISTF list, then start easy with Level 1 or maybe 2.  The main target is to develop the club steady and properly. To increase member numbers is tough and therefore a good environment is needed. Motivated new young players need to feel comfortable to become sports members in your club. The more conditions you confirm the higher diploma level your club will gain. If you need help, FISTF will do best to answer your questions.

Apply and get your recognition certificate now

E-Mail to

FISTF Handbook 2023.  Article 7.2 Page 43.
FISTF FORM F21.  The Form is available  F21A in the download library
No FISTF registration fee.
The Club will be an official recognized FISTF Training Centre.
The Club will be recommend by FISTF to players, parents, media, TV and other institutions if necessary.
The Club will get a FISTF certificate per email, which you can print and hang-out in the club facility and use publicly.
The Club is able to find official sponsors as a registered non-profit club.  Club statutes/constitution necessary.
Parents will see their children at the Training Centre safe and sane. Parents though, have full responsibility for their children.
Code of conduct. Fair play. Clean play.
The Club has advantage as a functionable structured sustainable club with a relaxed atmosphere.
The Club will receive FISTF Flyers for promotion.
The local (domestic) community/municipality will appreciate your work and that will lead to sponsors for your youth players.

Recognised and Certified Clubs


Certificate  FISTF Training Centre - Club  Level  Certificate Period  Club Code  Contact Person  Language
 FTC 0001  ASD SS Lazio TFC 4  09.2020 - 08.2023  ITA C030  Patrizio Lazzaretti   Italian
 FTC 0002  ASD APS Subbuteoland 4  01.2021 - 08.2023  ITA C172  Saverio Bari   Italian
 FTC 0003  Ħ’Attard Subbuteo Club 4 03.2021 - 03.2024 MLT 0101  Stanley Farrugia Randon   Maltese
 FTC 0004  TSC Black Rose 98 Roma 4 03.2021 - 03.2024 ITA C068  Andrea Strazza   Italian
 FTC 0005   
 FTC 0006   
 FTC 0007  
 FTC 0008   
 FTC 0009