Sports Rules

 NEW! FISTF Homologation Handbook: FISTF Homologation Handbook June 2016

NEW! FISTF Goalkeeper Rules flyer: FISTF Goalkeeper Rules Flyer

NEW! FISTF Equipment Homologation Guide (for Manufacturers): FISTF Equipment Homologation Guide 1.1

You can view the Sports Rules by clicking the link below

Rules version 5.0: FISTF Rules V. 5.0

Explanatory notes on changes in the version 5.0: Explanatory notes on changes – FISTF Sports Rules 5.0

Circular 23 (2014) explaining the rules changes): FISTF_Ref_23_2014

Rules file 5.0. in plain text: FISTF Rules V. 5.0 plain-text

FISTF Sports Rules Update Project – Clarifications Multi-language: FISTF Sports Rules Update Project – Clarifications Multi-language

Explanations of the nex rules in GERMAN language: FISTF Sports Rules Update Project – Modifications v1.3 deutsch

French : FISTF-Regles-Sports-4.0

Transfer form (06): FORM_F06_-_International_Transfer_Form_2014-2015
Formulaire de transfert (06) en français: FORM_F06_-_International_Transfer_Form_2014-2015_French_version

FISTF Handbook of the season 2014-2015: FISTF HANDBOOK – Sports Season 2014-2015

Guidelines to run a FISTF tournament (file added on April 14, 2015): FISTF-Event-Scoresheet-file-version-2015 Guidelines for the organisation of tournaments 12-02-2009

Organizer file to send details of tournaments: FISTF Event Organizers file – version 2013-2014

FISTF results file for organizers (version 2015 – added on April 14, 2015): FISTF-Event-Scoresheet-file-version-2015
FISTF results file for organizers: FISTF Event Scoresheet file – version 2013-2014

Form 01 (national association registration): FORM F01 – National Association membership Form 2014-2015

Form 04 (event request): FORM F04 – Event Request Form 2015-2016

Form 06 (international transfer): FORM F06 – International Transfer Form 2014-2015

Form 06 (national transfers list): FORM F06E – National Player Transfer List 2014-2015

Form 10 (club registration): FORM F10 – Club Registration Form 2014-2015

Form 11 (change of club name): FORM F11-Change-of-Club-Name-Form doc-2014-2015

Form 12 (CL and EL registration form): FORM F12 – Champions League and Europa League Submission Form 2014-2015

Form 13 (recognition of new product): FORM F13 – Recognition for a new producing company form 2014-2015

Form 16 (Nomination of person to work in the Board): FORM F16 – Nomination for Person to work with Board 2014-2015

Form 19 (International Friendly form): FORM F19 – International Friendly Form 2015-2016

(Last updated on June 17, 2015 -> new forms 04 & 19)