Manuel Santos claims Portugal International Open

The Lisbon International Open took place in the fantastic facilities of the Boavista Sports Complex.

The event was supported by Benfica Parish Council, who we thank once again for providing the facilities and invitation for the Portuguese Grand Prix, scheduled for May, which will take place at the same complex.

In the Open category, a clash of generations between the always formidable Manuel Santos (POR/SC Labronico)
and one of the most beautiful Italian progressions, Leonardo Giudice (ITA/SC Labronico). For this meeting, experience took precedence over enthusiasm. Manuel Santos wins 3-1.
The semi-finalists were Sergio Ramos (POR/Bologna Tigers Subbuteo), beaten 1-3 by Leonardo Giudice, and Sergio Loureiro (POR/TSC Falcons Athens), beaten 1-2 by the tournament winner).

In the veterans category, after several years of absence, the friendly Englishman Jeremy Bradley (ENG/TSPA White Star) won by the smallest margin in sudden death against José Santos (POR/CF os Belenenses)
The semi-finalists were Phil Holmes (ENG/TSPA White Star) and Nonu Noronha (POR/GRD 1º Maio Tires).

In U16 category, Pedro Amaro (POR/CF OS Belenenses) took the advantage over Henrique Ãcuna (POR/CS Zarco).


In U12, Gabriel Bento (POR/CS Zarco) won 2-0 in the final against his team mate, the same Henrique Ãcuna (POR/CS Zarco).

In addition to the usual categories, the organization added two Old Subbuteo competitions and on Saturday.

OPEN OLD – Luis Abreu  (POR/CF OS Belenenses)
VETS OLD – Tony Kiely – (ENG/London Subbuteo Club)

Congratulation to all participants !