Saverio Bari and Brescia on top in Treviso

In the last week-end of August, 49 players met in Treviso, in the north of Italy, to play a Satellite. There were some top players taking part due to the wild-cards awarded by the organizer and that’s how Saverio Bari won the Open category, beating Alessandro Mastropasqua in the final (2-1). Luca Martinelli and Paolo Finardi also managed to reach the semi-finals. The veterans section had an impressive field of 20 entries. William Dotto took the best in the final on David Lazzari (3-2) while Luca Bisio and Paolo Mariotto also reached the final 4. The team event had a big surprise with the team of ASD Leonessa 2004 Brescia taking the honors after beating TSC Stella Artois Milano in the final. This is the first ever FISTF title for the team of Brescia. No need to say Giuliano Gazzoldi and his clubmates were more than happy…

Fulle results: Satellite – Treviso