F. Lli Bari claims the Major of Italy

The F. Lli Bari Sporting Club Reggio Emilia won the 41st Torneo Di Natale: the FISTF Major Of Italy teams event, beating the TSC Falcons Athens 4-0 in the final.
This was the 20th Major won by Bari in their history.

In the Individual Open Category, Italy’s Luca Colangelo of SC Fiamme Azzurre beat Spain’s Carlos Flores (Bari) 4-2 in the final.

Open finalists

In the Women’s event, France’s Aubrey Herbaut beat Italy’s Paolo Forlani 1-0.

Womens winner Herbaut


Gianfranco Calonico (ITA, Master Sanremo) won the veterans category 3-1 against Edoardo Bellotto (CS SC Sereníssima Mestre).

Calonico – winner of the Veterans

Veterans Runner-up Bellotto

Malta’s Jurgen Balzan beat France’s Theo Modeste 1-0 in the U19 final, Matteo Ferrante won the U15 by beating Riccardo Marangoni 4-1, Francesco Borgo beat Lorenzo Fricano 2-1 in the U12.

Jurgen Balzan