Austrians rule in the International Open of Germany

Austrians won the Open, Veterans and Team event at the International Open of Germany over the weekend of May 4-5.
Wolfgang LEITNER (AUT) won the Open, beating Sébastien SCHEEN (BEL) in the final, with Tony BRAHAM (BEL) and Jerome HYVAERT (BEL) the losing semifinalists.

In the Veterans category it was Erich HINKELMANN (AUT) as the winner, beating countryman David BUSCH (AUT) in the final. Daniel SCHEEN (BEL) and  Jean Michel CUENCA (ESP) were the losing semifinalists.

France’s Stephanie CECILLON took the women’s crown, beating Daniela GRÜNBERG (GER), with Melanie KRONMÜLLER (GER) and Melina SCHEEN (BEL) taking the minor places.

In the Under 19, Noé SCHEEN (BEL) took the crown, ahead of John-Luc MAGDITS (AUT) and Melina SCHEEN (BEL).

TFC Mattersburg (AUT) took the team event, ahead of Subbuteo Team Stembert (BEL),  TSG Rain (GER), BSC Schwalbach (GER) and TSC Phoenix (AUT).

A massive thanks to all players, referees and officials and a special thanks to organiser Panagiotis Krommydas for his efforts.