FISTF Official Communication on Electronic Devices

The FISTF Board received a request from a player concerning approval to use headphones and music while playing in matches.
After some discussion, the FISTF Board has decided against players wearing headphones, with or without music playing, in FISTF events.
Our reasoning includes:
> The wearing of such equipment — even if the music level was low — would hamper the natural directions that are provided by referees, and the conversations that goes on between players and referees. It would open the way to mishearing calls from the referee or opponent.
> It would reduce the interaction and therefore sportsmanship and mutual respect between players.
> Even at a low level, music might be heard by the other player which would be distracting.

Similarly, a request has been made from some players to formalise a policy regarding the wearing of video recording devices by players in FISTF matches.
The Board has decided that the wearing of these devices (GoPro etc), either head-mounted, or chest-mounted, is also not permitted.
Our reasoning concerns:
> The likelihood of distraction of the player wearing the device.
> Possibility of the device falling onto the playing surface.
> Possible interference with the decision making of the referee.

May 2019