Innovation : Fully automated Registration Online for Rochefort’s Major Grand Prix

A notification to all players considering playing in the FISTF Major of Rochefort:  the only way to participate is to register online before the deadline on Friday, January 10th 2020!

For the first time on the FISTF circuit, the registration mode for an event is being done entirely online, including the payment process.
This system was put in place to better control the registration procedure, and also to avoid as much as possible last minute cancellations which affect the playing conditions of other participants.

This first experience will allow FISTF to assess it, to consider the possibility of setting up a common registration system for major circuit competitions (World Cup, Continental Championships and Cups, Majors and Grand Prix).
Such a system will, for example, simplify the financial management between FISTF & the organisers and to ensure participants hold FISTF licenses.

FISTF congratulates RTS Rochefort on this initiative and wishes it the best for Major 2020.