Did you know? – Edition 8. ETF and FISA


The development of the first Sports Table Football (a.k.a. Subbuteo) association in Europe was undertaken from the three main active countries, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany (West Germany in the 1960’s) . The “Union Europeene de Subbuteo (UES)” was founded in Schiedam (NED) from Mr. Ling (NTVB), Mr Kroonberg (FBFTS) and Mr. Feuerlein (DSTFB) in 1961. He was the first president of the DSTFB (GER), which was founded shortly before the creation of the UES/UNEFTA. The UES was the predecessor of the ETF, which did not get of the grid to develop.

The motivational basement was draftet to found a real functional European Table Football/Soccer Federation, for all European Table Football countries. The ‘European Table Soccer Federation’ ETF / ‘Union Europeane de Football de Table’ UNEFTA’ was founded in 1963 (City: not kown) by the three active nations Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany (West). The BTSA (British Table Soccer Association) was founded and invited, but showed no interest to join the ETF, which was sadly accepted, as the game came orginally from Liverpool, England (Newfooty Ltd. and from Turnbridge Wells (Subbuteo SSG Ltd).  ETF was finally established in 1963 with statutes (constitution for the organisation). The ETF Board of Directors  was allways democratically elected by the member associations.  The 1st ETF Europa Cup 1964 was played in Rotterdam (NL), which saw Marinus Schild became the first ever International Champion.

ETF finally folded in 1993 after the  30th Europa Cup edition, so that the members shall concentrate on FISTF and unification chapters.

The Federation of International Subbuteo Associations (FISA) was established and controlled by John Waddingtons Ltd (Subbuteo Trademark holder)  in 1979 and first mentioned in Subbuteo product catalogues on the last page with flags of existing National Associations, such as Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, England, Wales, Austria, Malta, Gibraltar and many other Associations world wide.  FISA did not have any democratic fundament and decisions where made by the John Waddingtons Ltd. company. The table football associations had no say, due to the entire financing of European Championship and World Cup tournaments. FISA held its final tournament in London 1996 under hasbro flag and folded (or closed) thereafter.

FISTF is active and stable since 1993 and the only single existing world Federation for Sports Table Football (Soccer) based on the original game of Newfooty and Subbuteo. FISTF is a secure and operational organisation with real member national associations (MNAs) and provisional members. FISTF is officially registered in France as a club (association) and is therefore a legal entity.

Last updated_: 2020 January 20.