Statement from FISTF

Some Members and players may be aware of an identity on Facebook using the name, ‘Subbuteo FISA’.
It is important to note that this is neither a Group nor a Page representing a group of people: it is just one person. Unfortunately the Facebook presence is misrepresenting itself as an international organisation involved with Subbuteo.
Be aware that this person has no relationship with the Subbuteo company or licensees.
There is also no relationship with FISTF.
The alleged ‘organisation’ has, in fact, no organisation: no council, members or affiliated associations, other than a growing number of phantom groups.
If you check, you will see a number of pro-forma layouts identical across all so-called ‘associations’, with no officials listed anywhere.
We are also concerned that the individual involved has also hijacked a number of URLs purporting to be national associations, as well as creating fake profiles on Facebook, mis-representing itself as operating regional confederations.
Be aware that you should not register on any of the pages, nor pay any of the fees listed on these FISA websites, as there will be nothing in return: no circuit, no events, etc.
FISTF understands that the person involved was a former athletics coach who has been banned for life by the World Anti Doping Authority for administering banned substances to an athlete.

FISTF Board of Directors