Two years since the FISTF World Cup Gibraltar

It’s hard to believe that it’s two years since the FISTF World Cup Gibraltar 2018, and that at this time we should have been preparing for the festival of table football in Rome.

But as we all do our best in these challenging times, let’s look back at the Individual Champions from 2018.

CHAMPION: Matteo Ciccarelli (ITA)

Runner-up: Justin Leroy (BEL)
Semi-finalists: Daniele Bertelli (ITA); Christian Filippella (USA)

Under 15
CHAMPION – Leonardo Giudice (ITA)

Runner-up: Corentin Bouchez (BEL)
Semifinalists: Louison Giaux (BEL); Riccardo Natoli (ITA)

CHAMPION: Audrey Herbaut (FRA)

Runner-up: Eleonora Buttitta (ITA)
Semifinalists: Victoria Büsing (GER); Irene Linquercq-Rivière (FRA)

CHAMPION: Charles Aquilina (MLT)

Runner-up: Pascal Scheen (BEL)
Semi-finalists: Gerardo Patruno (ITA); Gianfranco Calonico (ITA)

Under 19
Champion: Marco Di Vito (ITA)

Runner-up: Giuseppe Pizzella (ITA)
Semi-finalists: Claudio La Torre (ITA); Nicola Borgo (ITA)

Champion: Giorgio Giudice (ITA)

Runner-up: Francesco Borgo (ITA)
Semi-finaists: Álvaro Pérez (ESP); Cristian Antúnez (ESP)