LAZIO confirmed as a FISTF Training Centre

ASD SS Lazio TFC have been confirmed as a FISTF Training Centre

FISTF is proud to approve the application for certification of ASD SS Lazio TFC as a FISTF Training Centre. The club confirmed all FISTF conditions and is certified with Level 4, which is the Top Level, by providing:
> Club Statutes/Constitution 
> 4 photos
> League Tables, Knock-out Cup Competition and regulationa for internal club competitions
> The club Logo
> The club website link
> The elected club Board of Directors have been transmitted to FISTF General Secretary Horst Deimel. 

Lazio made a very interesting club presentation which FISTF highly appreciated.  

Lazio is a well organised STF club which can motivate other clubs. Everyone can learn how it is done properly with style, knowledge and having fun in a fine environment.
This can hopefully lead to sports success with youth players, who can develop under the guidance of competent trainers.   

Sports Table Football (Subbuteo) clubs can develop with a minimum of effort within reasonable time investment.
Lazio TFC was prompt with all answers requested by FISTF, which showed the commitment the club took. 

Left:  Lazio Logo                             Left: Level 4 Logo

Permission is granted to use the Diploma Level 4 publicly, including on the club website. The same applies to use the Diploma Logo Level 4 on club shirts and track suits.
That will indicate to other clubs the positive work in Rome.
The FISTF Board of Directors congratulates ASD SS Lazio TFC for the excellent work in developing our sport. 
We wish them all the best with sponsors, external partners, institutions and new members.

FISTF General Secretary 

Dated:  2. September 2020