FISTF Congress 2020

The FISTF Congress 2020 will be staged this coming weekend, Saturday, 21 November.
The start time will 1200hrs CEST.
Because of the current global pandemic, the Congress will be held ‘virtually’, online. This has become a common occurrence in the global sports community.

It is expected that almost 30 Member National Associations and Provisional Member Associations will participate, along with the FISTF Board Members.

Each nation is allowed one voting representative, but players who are registered with their national association may apply to ‘attend’ the Congress as observers. They will not have an opportunity to speak.

A range of issues will be debated over what is expected to take 4 hours.

This will include BoD reports, presentation of candidates for the new board, discussion of the proposed new Statutes, and other agenda items which have all been circulated to the Member Nations.

If you, as a player, want to know more information about observing the Congress, you should contact your national association for the link to register.