FISTF Statutes 2020 – Voting poll result

New Statutes for FISTF adopted

A completely revised edition of the FISTF Statutes have been accepted at the 2020 Congress by the Member National Association (MNA) delegates and will come into effect immediately.
This now means the new FISTF Board 2021-2024 can now be elected, including the newly adapted Board positions, which now have an official charter.
A range of resolutions presented to the Congress are now open to voting as well, starting on Monday, 30 November.

Vote results

Eligible MNAs were able to vote on the new Statutes 2020. The Statutes will be updated to reflect suggestions from our MNAs and Board members, mainly about clarity of language and ensuring consistency across the document.
The updated document will be transmitted to all MNA for a second reading round.
A proposed section from the draft Statutes (Article 12.1.7 ‘Conflict of Interest’) was not accepted by a vote of the members.
The FISTF Board thanks all MNA and Member National Association – Provisional (MNAP) who actively participated at the Congress and the MNAs for using their voting rights.
The online Congress with elections and voting is definitely the future for our Federation. It provided the opportunity for young, emerging associations around the world to participate in the discussions.
We also have a special thanks to Roger Trouillard (IT Admin) who managed the online Congress and voting polls. 
MNA Delegates may proceed with all further voting polls on Monday, 30th November 2020.

PART 3:  Elections & resolutions votes according to new FISTF Statutes 2020
→ 30. Nov. 2020  Voting Opens for elections & resolutions Part 3   Start time, 00.00.01
→ 05. Dec. 2020  Voting Ends    for elections & resolutions Part 3   Deadline, 00.00.01
Note: FISTF reserves the right for any updates or changes.

Steve Dettre   and   Horst Deimel
FISTF President  –  General Secretary