Glasgow’s Tom Burns claims Scottish Cup

The Scottish Subbuteo season 2021/22 opened up with the Scottish Cup in Glasgow on the 29th of August.
The event was attended by 15 players who competed in a Swiss-system Tournament.

Each player played four rounds, with Tom Burns and Gareth Christie both with the possibility of winning going into the final round of games.
However, after Tom Burns secured a point against former champion, Malcolm Lees, that left Gareth Christie requiring to win with a large goal difference against Steve Bennett.
Although winning 2-1, Gareth’s efforts were not enough, and Tom Burns of Glasgow TSA was declared as the overall winner of the day.
Everyone was happy to be back playing after over a year and a half without competitive play in Scotland, with all looking forward to the first of the National Qualifiers in October.
List of participants (Scottish unless noted)
Baver Bari (GTSA)
David Baxter (DUTFC)
Steve Bennett (DUTFC)
Tom Burns (GTSA)
Gareth Christie (DUTFC)
Dave Gladman (GTSA)
John Halpin (GTSA)
Malcolm Lees (GTSA)
Ronnie McKenzie (GTSA)
Oriano Micheletti (ITA, SC Pantere Lucca)
Dave Minty (DUTFC)
Brian Spoors (GTSA)
Gary Stewart (DUTFC)
Craig Thom (DUTFC)