Dear All,
While the official transfer period of FISTF is from 1st December to 31st January, as stated in the FISTF Handbook, the Board of Directors has decided that a “Special Transfer Period ” from 11 September to 30 September will be enforced.
This is allowing for the severe disruption to the FISTF Tour over the last year, and to allow players to participate in forthcoming events if their existing club does not wish to participate in these events.
All players/clubs wishing to take advantage of this ‘Special Transfer Period’ need to complete form F06 and MNAs must submit updated Form 20 by 10 October.
The transfer is considered legal from the moment the Form F06 is received and acknowledged by FISTF.
Players may additionally play in team events for their new club.
The only restrictions are that a player who has already played in a FISTF team event during the 2021 season cannot play for the team of their new club.
The new transfer window will open on December 1st. Once the official transfer period begins on December 1, and they use this period to transfer again, they will not be able to play for their new club
in team events for a period of 14 days.