World Ranking

The FISTF 2021 sports season has finally re-started, with a view towards the 2022 season.

We have been standing still for too long, obviously not of our doing, so now is the time to play.

The FISTF Board is very happy that it has been receiving numerous requests from MNAs and players about the status of the World Ranking – which is a clear sign there is plenty of attention

  • The FISTF Board has decided, for this reason, to extend the period of the WR:
    – scores obtained over 36 months will be reset;
    – the scores obtained within 36 months of the WR update will have a value of 50%;
    – the scores obtained within 24 months of the WR update will have a value of 100%;

It will be updated shortly.

We also remind all MNA to ensure their players and clubs are properly licensed with FISTF – and for all clubs and players to check on their status with their MNA.