Transfer deadline approaching

Dear players and clubs. As a courtesy, we have let your national associations know that the transfer deadline is fast approaching: midnight (Paris time), January 31.
A few players and clubs have sent transfer forms directly to us.
However, we need to remind you that all transfer forms MUST be submitted by the relevant national association (MNA).
They cannot just be submitted by the player or the club to FISTF.
Additionally, each member nation MUST send its updated list of players and clubs (Form F20) before the January 31 deadline.
If any club has changed its name, then they must submit a Form F11 to their MNA. This then must be sent to FISTF.
All of this is essential to have the correct clubs associated with players for the World Rankings.
In the interests of openness, we attach here the list of all transfers that have been submitted by the relevant MNA.
If you do not see your name/transfer, then you must contact your national association urgently.
The status ‘pending’ means that we have not received the FormF20 from the national association. The transfer will be confirmed as soon as we receive this form.